3D Printing

Hawley Orthodontic 3D Printing

Hawley Orthodontic Laboratory partners with you, utilizing the latest technological advancements in dentistry. Hawley Orthodontic Laboratory is here to help you to transition into new dental technologies. We can accept your digital STL files and begin fabrication of your appliances using your patients' 3D scan.

  • Dramatically accelerates production time
  • Significantly increases production capacity
  • Shortens delivery time

When you send a case to us, your prescription will be followed thoroughly and the case delivered on time. We enter your case into our quality control system to ensure your case is kept on schedule throughout its entire fabrication process. We employ an experienced team of managers and Certified Dental Technicians to ensure consistent quality standards, and you'll find our friendly, knowledgeable customer and technical phone staff to be very helpful.

For detailed instructions on submitting STL files for each system or should you have questions regarding the products, services and/or processes associated with submitting digital files to us, please contact us at (562) 404-0455 or at info@hawleyorthodonticlabs.com

We develop custom, precision orthodontic appliances